Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Google goes for Eye Candy: Check it Out

We all know Google is offering some beautiful background images for the google home page.
But for those who don't already know, in addition to Google Chrome having themes designed by google, it is also offering themes by different artists to match your tastes. (Personally i feel that these themes are better than those offered by google )
These themes range in colour from shades of pink to blue, and from white to black. The patterns include everything between flowers, butterflies and animal prints. Themes also include Toffees, Cars and Games; and ofcourse cartoons(like famous Japanese cartoon, K-On) and celebrities(currently Britney and Mariah were the two i sighted).
Here's a little sample:
The one I'm currently using

1 comment:

  1. another reason 2 keep me addicted 2 net...*sigh*
    it is beautiful.. :P