Friday, December 24, 2010

The Young Artist

(image taken from Here)
When she sat with her pen, sat to write, a parade of thoughts swiftly raced through her head.  A little girl, with little experience of the real world, but lots of dreams. The elegance and subtle beauty in the cartoons and paintings she had seen. The charm of the music all around. She'd paint all that in her small words.

Hey what could I write. . about the flowers or the butterflies all around them, the trees or the scent of their leaves..of my dolls, or dad's laptop. Maybe about my favourite cartoon *subtle smile*. Aye! I could write about that dessert mum makes on Sundays...but I don't know how it is made or what it is made of. No problem! I'l describe its taste..yumm..! *grin*
Now think, think, think. Gotta be a writer! Ms Chang does think I'm gonna be a good writer when I grow up, and write great books...I could write about her. Or I could write about the school. That would take too much time, school has so much to write about. Hey, I'l write about my best friend in the whole world, ha! she'l be surprised *eyes squeezed*. Hmm...can't decide what to write about.. But when I do, even this notebook will feel honoured that it was the one to have been used for a great writing of the most amazing writer! *another grin*.

"Come on now!" Mum's calling, dinner is served, gotta run and wash my hands.

"Hmm lets see what my little girl was embedded into all this time..Oh that's a beautiful drawing she has made, full of life, of everything around her. Doodled all in a single page, so nicely, that's my little genius."

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Disappointment to Remember

I really don't understand the hype the entire Girl's Hostel created about this film. Medical school, really Landon, is that all you want to achieve after graduating high school? What? Are the writers 6 year-olds? Medical school is everyone's dream is the most prestigious thing in the world. . .  *sigh*

Girls telling me they cried while watching the movie. I mean seriously, these friends of mine made it sound like a pathetic crime if you haven't seen this movie. I admit i did set my hopes a bit high because of the fan based publicity, but even if i hadn't, this movie would still be nothing but 3 nice songs.

In case you haven't guessed, I am talking about the film, 'A Walk to Remember'. An utmost child like portrayal of love, even simpler than those Disney movies. The cherry on top is the diminished image of leukaemia; it's like a child was writing a story, learnt a new word from somewhere, so put it in his story. No one beyond the age of 14 will enjoy this movie, especially not when it has been publicised highly by 150 crazy fans. . .

Please do watch this movie and in case you have already, help me out here decide..please put in some opinions. *sad & confused*

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Mystery

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What lies beyond,
An ocean full of sharks
or a land of ease?
A space with no gravity
or a ground of morality?
An endless search
or that special soul?
The end of being 
or the garden of eve?

What lies beyond, 
Lots of uncertainty
or mental stability...

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Have No Gold

                    poor indian girl sitting in rubbish tip stock photo

                                                I  get up shivering
                                               I  go to sleep cold.
                                               No energy
                                               I'm starving,
                                               I have no gold.

Winters come, we buy expensive sweaters and blankets, eat at KFC and drink beer. I wish some of us would spend a fraction of that money to get blessings, instead of a big belly, this winter.
I googled this picture you know, and there were so many overwhelming pictures, and it was surprising to see that many of them were for sale. Selling and buying beggars...
Anyway back to the main thing, so if you say you can't find a reason to go spend a little money on the destitute(it's weird, i think the first time ever i paid attention to that word 'destitute' was while reading A Christmas Carol), there are actually many. Let me give you an example.
Say something great happened in your life and you are brimming with joy. Example, you got a job. You thanked practically every one around you. You celebrated with your friends, parents, thanked your teachers and yourself. Still there is gratitude and celebration left inside. Thank these people who could never compete with you for that job. Show gratitude to them, celebrate with them.


In case you don't know how to give a coin is not actually a good way, there are things called NGOs, find a trustworthy one around you.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Look what i found in an old writing pad

A Drawing!

what else could anyone was my pad. . .

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


All that the young people do is possess lots of feelings & emotions and share love, and they are heavily judged for the middle-aged adults. Who? The respectable middle-aged, with the knowledge & experience of the world; the knowledge and experience that makes them a species full of hatred and hypocrisy. And these judgemental double-standard people are to be respected, just out of convention, because they are old..bah! I respect no one till I see him laudable.

Don't believe me that these MAs(middle-aged's) are suckers? Oh btw, i have MA parents too, so please don't start thinking about you parents and get offended, this is a general observation(but believe me, your & my parents may have some of the MA traits too..maybe for good, but they are there.) Well, let me put out a check-list.

1. Either the MAs find the other person's kids better mannered than their own & declare that in front of their little angels(which you know is heart-breaking for those little hearts) Or the MAs think that the person's kids are too crude, and again they blaze that into the world. Whether or not either of these two great thoughts reach the child's fragile ear, whomever they are told to, the tone is amazingly disgusting. And god! they are just kids..don't you have better things to do than judge them?

2. And who are they who get married, have children, and when their children are at such a delicate & crucial stage of life, from where they grow into the adults that they are going to be the rest of their lives, decide that they don't get along well, don't love each other or are just plain bored(super-jerks). So they either fight all day long, all of their days or get divorced; I can't come to a decision as to which one of the two is better.

3. Most teenagers, when have a girlfriend/boyfriend, do not cheat. While our MAs, men & women alike, cheat in a commitment like a marriage.

4. We are very loyal to friends, we start hating a Handsome guy if we learn that he has wronged one of our fellow chicas in the slightest manner. MAs are opportunists, for them, a friend lost(by their acquaintance) is a friend gained(by them). 

5. No matter how bad the situation may be in their own household w.r.t. family values, they won't miss a chance to bitch about the other's and leave him into shreds. I mean the last thing a failed family person wants is to be publicly mocked.

6. Now many MAs might defend themselves by saying that the Young are the Restless, that teenagers are cheap, vulgar & horny. 
  • a child is not born with a vulgar vocabulary, he learns from his adults.
  • cheap behaviour is aped, not invented,
  • teenagers did not make porn films, books & whatever of this sort is available in the market..they are just taking what the MAs are giving.(the producers & publishers are mostly MAs)
I do not judge, behaviour is often an impression of situation, but situations are not always a good excuse of bad behaviour. You might say you are simply returning what you got from the world..but somewhere this cycle of hatred has to stop, Make a change and be a good example to the youth. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010


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They say every day is a celebration. This, I believe, is just an impractical saying. Nevertheless I thank god for having me born in a country like India, where, almost every day is a celebration.

Celebrations are important, they help us keep the lightness in life. Little smiles can account for a lot of joy. After weeks of work, slogging our arses, a weekend of cheer with friends and family makes up for the loss of smiles during the week.

What do I love about celebrations? The lights - the amazing lights, the elegant dresses, the beautiful music, the movement and the joy. The food, the drink, the chats, the pictures & the anticipation of something..something unusual. The crowds, the energy, the love. And of course, those who make all this possible, friends and family.

Celebrations remind us how connected we are to every one and every thing on this planet, that no matter how much we might envisage of being a loner, an individual person not concerned with anyone, not loving & not loved, we are, at the end of the day, a part of a web, the web of the living.This actually is a great thing, as, to some(like me), it gives hope and happiness. How, you ask me, can celebration be an indicative of closeness & connection to one who doesn't celebrate? Well, because somewhere deep inside the person who doesn't celebrate a particular festival knows, that it is a festival that everyone he has ever known celebrates. Not celebrating it also connects him with people he knows are somewhere celebrating that same holy festival. And then there is that non-celebrators group, where people get together & end up 'celebrating' the fact that they don't celebrate a certain day/festival.

Well I love celebrations, there is exchange of love, opinions, warmth, gifts, sweets, chocolates and just a lot of great energy. In 8/10 cases, you end up making a great friend in random celebrations, like for example, a celebration of not being able to answer a certain question in your exam, :P

Celebrations are certainly not useless, each one has its own significance.

Birthdays are a celebration of life on this planet,
Valentine's day is a celebration of love,
Diwali is a celebration of lights,
Holi is a celebration of colours.
And while fathers' day, mothers' day, children's day, teachers' day & friendship day etc are a celebration of family, friends and all those we love and respect, Music and Dance, an epochal part of celebrations(well maybe not epochal, but yeah, quite an inevitable part of it :P), are a celebration in their own, a celebration of sound and movement.

Maybe everyday is not a celebration, but life is a celebration.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Grandmother at 56

That's the last time I saw her healthy. 6 years after she passed away from leukemia, this year, somehow i miss her more than the other yrs, or maybe i miss her equally every yr & it's just in my head that i feel it is stronger each year.
It is very difficult to forget bad things that happen in your life, but do you ever get these fits where these certain good memories, that you didn't  think you had any more, just pop up into your head? Well i certainly do.

I don't know whether you read my previous post, but i had promised my blog (:p) that my next post will be a happy  one, and i keep my promises, even if they are made to a computer program.

So yesterday i was sitting in my room, doing nothing, as always..this little memory popped into my head of those cool sunny days when i used to sit outside with my grandmother on the folding bed, eat oranges and play around the mulberry bush underneath their apartment. I can not describe the joy i feel just remembering that time.
(I might have never realised the oddness of the fact that there was a mulberry bush in our colony too, but that one was so lame. i hate to talk about it. That one wasn't half as good as the one where my grandma resided.)
And at night, when my granddad was home, i used to lie on the cot with him star gazing.

It is funny i even remember these things, but when i do reminisce, i sometimes get the urge to feel the presence of that amazing mother just once again, to see her, touch her, talk with her..share my life, good or bad, with her. Sometimes i have these dreams where i see her, and then i never want to forget that dream, forget that face i saw, that feeling i felt. . . . You know, i'm extremely happy for the time i got to spend with her and quite regretful for the time i didn't.

At the end of the day, i feel lucky to have been born when i was, 'cos some of my younger cousins would never know her, they never had that chance to spend those amazing years of their lives with her that i did; and that is such a loss.

Nani, I love you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have you seen that girl
Who wears vibrant colours
The sun shines upon her
The grass grows around

The road walks with her
The birds her companions
Across the country and town.

Have you seen that smile
Those rosy cheeks
That glow of skin
That freedom in breath?

Or have you seen her pain
Her anger, her darkness
Tell me what  have you seen of her.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lord Macaulay's India

We all feel strongly about the British Raj in India and India's struggle for independence. We were done wrong by the British(so were various other countries). Now in the modern day, all countries have learnt to live in mutual harmony, respecting each other's independence.

Recently there was a video circulating on Facebook that showed Lord Macaulay's statement given to the British parliament on Feb2, 1835. It described how he had traveled across the length and breadth of India and saw great richness both in terms of wealth and morals. He said that India had a strong backbone of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage(which i believe, to this date, implies).
He proposed to replace the ancient education system & culture with the British system. He said, "If Indians think that all that is foreign is good & greater than their own, they will become a truly dominated nation."
Basically the video meant to send out the news that some rich guy in India, Mr Sanjiv Mehta, had had his sweet revenge by buying the East India Company.

And we thought we had got over the feeling of revenge and learnt to live in harmony. See what a great thing Mr Mehta did, instead of using his millions of bucks in improving India's infrastructure or helping the ailing, he went and bought a company. 

India was a mess in the pre-colonial 19th century with lots of kingdoms forming and falling successively. Sure we had great resources, but none was put to proper use. Resources were wasted in battles and establishment of the new king's lush kingdom. We were inviting people to come and exploit us. 

The British rule also did good for us. It united us. The Hindus and the Muslims were fighting together instead of fighting with each other. The problem has always been our lack of unity, with our low self confidence, our fake pride and our simplicity to take any liar's words as the truth. The British also helped get rid of practices like Sati and the Purdah system. And if it wasn't for the British rule, half the population of India would still be illiterate, including at least 95% of the female population. 

But i truly believe that all who were a part of scheming and implementing this strategy that Macaulay suggested, if came to life today, would be extremely happy.

We don't know anything about our ancient education system and we still believe that Foreign is Good(what brand of clothes, perfumes etc do you prefer to wear? aren't you paying just anything to have nike, levi's etc? do you ever wear one of those Indian fragrances?), and Khadi industry today produces expensive stuff aimed at the foreign consumers, the tourists. 

Some of us don't even respect our culture anymore. We prefer to wear a one-piece dress in a family function, we want to have a wedding in a gown and we all want to learn hip-hop. (Mind you, arts & apparel  and culture are very much intertwined.)

We all know that the caste system existed way before the British rule, but maybe most of us don't know that it was not wholly prohibitive and repressive until the British rule, when the British started to enumerate castes during the 10 year census and codified the system under their rule; though this was not wholly deliberate on the part of the British. And today our politicians keep the system alive, making it one of the strongest reasons(along with religion) of hatred, feuds, violence and disarray. For those who don't know what the government gets out of separating castes(& religions) based on census and reservations, the simple answer is vote. Census gives the number of possible voters and reservation gives votes. And believe me, it is easy to get an Indian do what you want by fooling them, whether he be illiterate & backward or highly educated & modern. We are guided by anger and not by conscience.

To take revenge with the British, we don't have to buy their companies, we just have to love each other and be united. We need to show them that Divide and Rule might have worked then, but it sure has no effect now. To hell with politics and democracy, we don't need politicians telling us what to do, we can show them that we respect each other and everybody in the entire world without being asked by them. 

We need to be guided by our conscience to use our intelligence.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quiz Question of the Day! ;P

Identify the work/artist.  

A Page from My School Time Rough Copy

When this world was going crazy
I stood up, for myself and this world
I marched, I worked, I loved
I helped, I created
I blessed, I prayed, I praised

Today the world is a beauty
Full of lush green forests
Little children playing in the gardens
Small families, big families and the biggest, this earth, this world
All happy, all peaceful, all beautiful

And I, I lay here on this barren piece of earth
Bare and brown
No green, no blue, yellow or orange
Just bare brown
It’s growing grey, dark
And I, I wish all of that would actually be true.

i tore the page off and kept it in a diary and was pretty embarrassed. never wrote a thing again.

Master of the Game

I do understand that some people want to know more about things they are interested in. But who says it is compulsory?
It is often seen that in our school curriculum, we are forced to learn about scientists if we want to learn science. Sure knowing about great people and their methods is both inspiring and informative..but what if we want to be absolutely original? One must agree, inspiration does cause adulteration of pure art and innovation. Our subconscious mind does do the Copy-Paste thing.

Can a Scientist not be inspired by his own curiosity instead of Einstein?
Can an Astronomer not be inspired by the stars instead of Galileo?
Can a Painter not be inspired by the landscape instead of Monet ?
Can a Dancer not be inspired by movement instead of Anna Pavlova?
Can a Musician not be inspired by sounds instead of Beethoven?
Can a Writer not be inspired by his own experiences instead of Charles Dickens?

Do we really need to know the Master of the Game to play the game? What inspiration did these people have? Did Galileo read a biography of some person X so that he could do what he did? Did Beethoven listen to many great compositions before he could produce his own?
And would they be respected as much had they read and done, as they are when they have just done.

Google goes for Eye Candy: Check it Out

We all know Google is offering some beautiful background images for the google home page.
But for those who don't already know, in addition to Google Chrome having themes designed by google, it is also offering themes by different artists to match your tastes. (Personally i feel that these themes are better than those offered by google )
These themes range in colour from shades of pink to blue, and from white to black. The patterns include everything between flowers, butterflies and animal prints. Themes also include Toffees, Cars and Games; and ofcourse cartoons(like famous Japanese cartoon, K-On) and celebrities(currently Britney and Mariah were the two i sighted).
Here's a little sample:
The one I'm currently using


Here's something i wrote as a child(copied as it is, no editing done) but sill believe in.

Plants provide us with food and oxygen, key requirements of life. Plants are responsible for our lives. They should be God. It's odd we cut and burn our God. (and btw, make our own survival difficult each day)

The Sun gives us light and heat energy. We can't function without this Star.  So sun's also God. And people actually did and do worship the Sun.

So the Waterbodies are God too. Water, the fundamental of life. And we pollute are God.

And lastly, why leave out Human Beings. In this civilised world, we all depend on one another for survival. So each person around us is God.
(And so are the Animals. You know how you don't prefer to wear anything but cotton in summers, remmember where that comes from. )

...well not that i instruct you to worship all of the above, but plead you to show some respect. Everything that we do ultimately effects us. Do it for yourself.

Monday, October 18, 2010


              Everyday disasters happen so that the people watching may have a laugh. :)

No Words . . .