Sunday, April 3, 2011


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While being a person who likes reaching places more than travelling ('cause travelling, sometimes, gets painfully uncomfortable), i greatly believe in 'Journey'.
I do believe that life is a Journey. We start, and we end life, but what really is our destination? None and many. But for the most part of life, aren't we just travelling, small distances, large distances, distances in our mind.
It is a journey, with lots of small goals. Every several intervals of time, we change paths. Isn't being able to think in 5 different directions a journey, your writing, your art, your work, as you grow older and move back and forth, both physically and mentally, in your life, all of it, a Journey.
A dictionary defines Journey as a distance traveled, a passage.  Now this distance can be both in space and time, or in any other dimensions you know of. This distance can also be the distance between two thoughts. If distance traveled is a Journey, then this easily explains every imaginable act/process as being a Journey.
  • Life, the distance traveled between birth and death, is surely a journey,
  • The distance you travel to meet a person, whether a few feet or several kilometers, is a Journey.
  • Your studies are a distance between 'not knowing' and 'knowing'. Similarly, work is a distance or a passage between 'not done' and 'done'.
  • The passage between thinking about your dinner to thinking about the spaceship that was recently launched, is what? 
Examples are many, just to prove here, that, although it might sound stupid when i write it, because i'm not the best writer, but Life is a Journey, and perhaps Journey is the most important word in the dictionary; because to me, it explains a lot.

A wonderful topic of Blog-a-ton this month. Take Care guys and Enjoy all your journeys.

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  1. Lovely thoughts. Enjoyed your candid sharing of your real life experience and feelings.

  2. life is a journey and perhaps journey is the most important in the dictionary.. Lovely thoughts.. SmileS... Wish you good luck.. mine is a dream a journey of...

    Someone is Special

  3. A journey can be in the literal sense or it can be spiritual or consisting of any other emotion one can think of. Nice way to describe that.

    All the best for the BAT.

  4. very philosophical, and nice thoughts about real life, which as you rightly say, is a long journey :) thanks for sharing, M7. (if I remember right, your name is Meenal or something like that? read in one of the previous BATs. not sure :P)

    Here's My Blog-a-Ton Journey

  5. Lovely thoughts straight from the heart. :)

  6. love both your journeys. so original, so heart reaching.

  7. Journey called "Life"

    It is a journey, with lots of small goals..APT!


  8. Journey with Goals . now that is interesting!

  9. This is something new. Yes, agree with you that life too a journey. Thanks for sharing.


  10. It is a beautiful way of sharing your personal journey in life and I could so well relate to it!

    All the best!!!

  11. and moved out of the class.

    for a journey ...

    Emotions at the work and that beauty of the post.