Friday, May 20, 2011

eau de Cologne

Okay I have a random question, though it’s a stupid one, but I don’t know, it just popped up in my head.
So girls wear deodorants/colognes/perfumes that are meant for girls to wear, manufactured as girls’ products; and similarly men wear those manufactured for them. But when we go out in a party or on a date, don’t we wear fragrances that are attractive to the other sex?(like there’s this advertisement about a perfumed soap for women in which the lady comes into her room after having taken a bath and the husband goes completely head over heels, and all Romeo.) So if fragrances are meant for the liking of the other gender, then why is it that we go and check from a thousand bottles to buy a perfume that We like. If guys and girls like different things, then we are not supposed to like what we wear. And if we are wearing a perfume/deo that we like, won’t that just attract people of the same sex to us.
Or maybe, it’s like this, a girl likes men’s fragrances more (i love Axe, and those French colognes are nice too), but since they are a men’s product, she goes to the women’s section, and settles for the one she finds smells better than the others.
So I don’t use, say Axe, because I’m told by the manufacturer that this is meant to attract girls, so you are getting attracted to it, but also not buy it, for the same reason! ;)

Uh..another random post ends here.

By the way, you know one good thing about exams? They get you all excited for the days that follow the end of exams. :P

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