Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got Thinking

There were 2-3 things I was thinking about.

1.  Why do we have to have general knowledge? I think it sucks that we have to. And general knowledge, in our country, as understood by our elders, is knowledge of politics and those news in the papers. They say you should know how your country works and what is going on in the world etc, but I'm not interested in politics. Now if you meet me and we got talking, you'd probably say I'm dumb or stupid or illiterate because I don't know these things. But read the newspapers, all they contain is news about corruption, rape, murder, robbery etc, in short, all the bad things. Not only that, also, the news is just scattered. Newspapers don't have much that interests me, they seldom talk about medical breakthroughs, amazing discoveries or upcoming artists. 18 out of the 22 pages are filled with non-sense, 2 with sports news, and I don't know whether it's any good or not, because I don't read sports news, and the last 2 have business news, that I'm trying to get myself to read.
            And now that we have swayed from GK to newspapers, Can anyone please explain to me the point of the Matrimonial paper? because I absolutely don't understand. It's good for the young adults in India that their parents do so much for them that they even find them a spouse, but really, have you read one of those papers? God it's degrading. They'll make you believe that people are incapable of finding a person, to love and live with for their whole life, by themselves. Have a look at this, it's like you are advertising for an entity you want. :S

Ok sorry for the bad quality, I didn't realise it'd be that bad (and I don't have this newspaper any more), but I do remember slightly what it read. So it goes like this :
Very high status Punjabi/Sikh family seeks a very very beautiful, very fair, very slim, well educated etc etc girl, age and height specified, etc.  for handsome, qualified, high status business/industrial family. And at the end they write Caste No Bar.
Notice how they specify adjectives (using them repetitively), well, I don't know, parents want the best for their children, and they want beautiful grandkids, but I do feel that when you fall for a person, you rarely notice how many times you could use those good adjectives for the person before you actually fell in love with them, and wanted to have them in your life forever.  

2. I was helping out someone by writing in on their forum. And god knows I don't like to indulge in arguments, useful or not, but because it was important for the person, so I played along. But while I was posting there, I realised that there is something seriously wrong with this world. "Let's kill all the Jews", "Let's enslave all the non-whites", "Let's keep targeting the non-heterosexuals in some or the other way". And this is just a few issues, as seen on a national level, through the years, even within your country, there are always fights and disputes about the superior and the inferior. There is so much intolerance to some one who is not you. It's sad, but you know, it's not one's pride that makes one do this, it's one's insecurity. Inequality is created because some people are insecure and they yearn for security, and then for power; and they know the easy way to relax their messed-up mind is to make the others believe that they are inferior.That's all. No work you do (till you do some honest work to earn a living in a respectable manner that does not harm any one else), no god you pray to, no person you like, no place you were born at can make you inferior to another(or superior for that matter). I can't give any solutions to these problems, but the next time someone tells you that you are of an inferior community/race/gender/culture/religion or whatever, and should abide by their rules, know that the person is insecure. Don't entertain such people ever.

3. This one is something I'd like to keep to myself today, and maybe discuss some other day. :)

Signing off with Regards.

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