Saturday, January 15, 2011


Me : (thinking) Dude it seems they don't have much drinks here, all i see is water.
Catering Waiter : drinks?
Sis : Does anyone want the orange beverage?
Cousin Sis : No
Me : I'l have it.
Cousin Sis : Uncle, get the black drinks.(and in a very kiddy tone)
Waiter : Okay
~* a few minutes later*~
...Waiter coming from front of the room, with 2-3 black ones on his tray, gets caught by a few kids, who take all of our black beverages. He looks across towards us and smiles. Comes to us...
Cousin Sis : *sighing* What.. Uncle.. you didn't get our black drinks.
Waiter : Every time i get them, they get taken already.
Us(me, sis, cousin sis) : It's okay, next time, get straight to us.
~* a few minutes later*~
Waiter : drinks?
Sis n C-Sis : Sure!
*Yeah the black beverages at last!*

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