Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Disappointment to Remember

I really don't understand the hype the entire Girl's Hostel created about this film. Medical school, really Landon, is that all you want to achieve after graduating high school? What? Are the writers 6 year-olds? Medical school is everyone's dream is the most prestigious thing in the world. . .  *sigh*

Girls telling me they cried while watching the movie. I mean seriously, these friends of mine made it sound like a pathetic crime if you haven't seen this movie. I admit i did set my hopes a bit high because of the fan based publicity, but even if i hadn't, this movie would still be nothing but 3 nice songs.

In case you haven't guessed, I am talking about the film, 'A Walk to Remember'. An utmost child like portrayal of love, even simpler than those Disney movies. The cherry on top is the diminished image of leukaemia; it's like a child was writing a story, learnt a new word from somewhere, so put it in his story. No one beyond the age of 14 will enjoy this movie, especially not when it has been publicised highly by 150 crazy fans. . .

Please do watch this movie and in case you have already, help me out here decide..please put in some opinions. *sad & confused*


  1. i hvn't seen this movie, and after this review.. i'm certainly not going to( at least anytime soon) watch it..
    bcoz, i hv had a similar experience with "P.S. I love you" .. found it over-hyped and creepy... don't want to experience that same thing again.

  2. i know, that movie was pretty senseless least for the fan based publicity it got.