Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Mystery

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What lies beyond,
An ocean full of sharks
or a land of ease?
A space with no gravity
or a ground of morality?
An endless search
or that special soul?
The end of being 
or the garden of eve?

What lies beyond, 
Lots of uncertainty
or mental stability...

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  1. Wonderful poem.. Nicely done.. All the Best for BAT..

    Stop by,Someone is Special - The Mysery

    --Someone is Special--

  2. The mystery of the beyond and the deep blue ocean. Nice take. It is truly mysterious with so many unanswered questions.
    All the Best for BAT 17.

  3. Therefore with such an endless quest where there is no definite answer...there remains a mystery!

    True! Well done, this one! :-)

    ATB for BAT 17!

  4. a beautiful poem n a beautiful thought....well done :)

  5. Wat lies beyond?
    Thats really a mystery, simple yet with a depth and sublte meanings.
    Beautiful words.

    Nice poem M7 :)

  6. A simple question...but answer remains a mystery...short wid intense writin...loved d last stanza:)
    Good luck...

  7. Nice take on the prompt..Its truly a mystery.

  8. What lies beyond that horizon is indeed a mystery as you state it. nice poetry!

  9. What lies beyond?I think nobody has answer and mystery unrevealed.great poem and vision beyond.

  10. wow!

    The pic you found is pretty supportive of the words. Good job on the mystery.

  11. The Mystery of 'Beyond' .. nicely captured!

  12. The mystery of what lies beyond the unknown shall always be a mystery. That is what makes it so important to our lives. The mystery makes us yearn for answers; makes us long to seek for more knowledge and never attain all of it.
    Loved your take on the prompt.
    All the best for the BAT.

  13. the first thing i remember while reading your first line the connecting clue of "Pirates of Caribbean"...I miss Jack Sparrow so much and am waiting for the next movie of the series..!!!

    now abt ur poem..its nice...special take on the prompt..!!!

    All the best for BAT dear..!!!

    Yamini Meduri - The Mystery

    Yamini Meduri

  14. Your selection of the picture elevates the beauty of the words that you composed and the question that will always be left unanswered till doomsday, or even beyond that. Well done. All the best.

  15. thank you so much everyone. :)