Friday, December 24, 2010

The Young Artist

(image taken from Here)
When she sat with her pen, sat to write, a parade of thoughts swiftly raced through her head.  A little girl, with little experience of the real world, but lots of dreams. The elegance and subtle beauty in the cartoons and paintings she had seen. The charm of the music all around. She'd paint all that in her small words.

Hey what could I write. . about the flowers or the butterflies all around them, the trees or the scent of their leaves..of my dolls, or dad's laptop. Maybe about my favourite cartoon *subtle smile*. Aye! I could write about that dessert mum makes on Sundays...but I don't know how it is made or what it is made of. No problem! I'l describe its taste..yumm..! *grin*
Now think, think, think. Gotta be a writer! Ms Chang does think I'm gonna be a good writer when I grow up, and write great books...I could write about her. Or I could write about the school. That would take too much time, school has so much to write about. Hey, I'l write about my best friend in the whole world, ha! she'l be surprised *eyes squeezed*. Hmm...can't decide what to write about.. But when I do, even this notebook will feel honoured that it was the one to have been used for a great writing of the most amazing writer! *another grin*.

"Come on now!" Mum's calling, dinner is served, gotta run and wash my hands.

"Hmm lets see what my little girl was embedded into all this time..Oh that's a beautiful drawing she has made, full of life, of everything around her. Doodled all in a single page, so nicely, that's my little genius."

This post has been written for Tale#39 of Thursday Tales.


  1. I absolutely adore it.
    It reminds me of how I sometimes act.
    Trying to write about everything!


  2. Nice. Especially the first paragraph.

  3. Love this! Like the idea of nurturing the young ones, encouraging them to express through various forms of art.

  4. What a sweet story. I'm sure all young artists can relate to this. Lovely tale.

  5. oh! ours are similar. even in mine mummy shouts! :)