Friday, February 25, 2011


This word reminds me of only one thing instantly, that is, Dance. We practice pointing our feet all the time. Nowadays we are practising for the annual cultural festival of our college, and while we practice, we also teach the younger members of the dance team. So in the warm-up exercises, we are going. "Point Flex Point Flex...Other Side...Point Flex Point...". These days are the best days of college life, minimum studies, maximum activity. :P :D Imagine, students dancing around all the time, heaven!
This also takes me back to my dance classes, where again, our instructors made us do a lot of pointing, of the feet of course. I must say, those guys and girls work hard to get the best out of us. Now i can remember their words, "Point Flex Point and In...Point Flex Point and In" and then, "point, develope', flex and spray(x3)...and in. . .point, develope', flex and spray(x3)...and in"
And actually it's a funny cycle, thanks to them, i'm saying the same words, now, to my juniors, in college, during study hours.  Point. . .

(This post was written for Theme Thursday, check out different stories on Point right there. :))


  1. What a lovely, lively post! Made me point my feet as I read along. I love that you are teaching the younger students, that must be very fulfilling.

  2. kya point flex point flex laga rakha h..pointless... :D

  3. Like Karen, I also pointed my toes as I read this. But, I got cramped up. Now my calf muscle feels like a bowling ball! Great piece! Loved it.