Friday, February 25, 2011

A Snake Charmer

Well India is famous for various unusual things and one of them is the Snake Charmers. In various parts of the world, people study hard and do lots of research before they came tame snakes; but here in my country, a person who can't even spell his name can tame a snake. I do not have any tale for this edition of the Thursday Tales, but my own. A memory, faint, but with me through the years.

Nowadays one may not find any snake charmers on the roads, it does seem like just a thing of the tales, but i have seen snake charmers in my childhood. I do remember this one time, i might have been 5 or 6 or 7 years old , staying at my grandparents' house, a snake charmer came into the colony. Me and my sister went to see the snake being charmed, with our grandfather, he is a rather fearless and loving grand-dad. He and the charmer said we could touch the snake's tail if we wished to, and so we did, with a little apprehension at first, but then, it was just amazing. Now you see, we were also fearless and loving grand-daughters. :D


  1. see the snake being charmed ....
    funny line! :D

  2. Beautiful Write Up. I Too Was Scared & Didn't Touch. Now, I Feel I Should Have Touched His Tail Atleast.