Sunday, November 7, 2010


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They say every day is a celebration. This, I believe, is just an impractical saying. Nevertheless I thank god for having me born in a country like India, where, almost every day is a celebration.

Celebrations are important, they help us keep the lightness in life. Little smiles can account for a lot of joy. After weeks of work, slogging our arses, a weekend of cheer with friends and family makes up for the loss of smiles during the week.

What do I love about celebrations? The lights - the amazing lights, the elegant dresses, the beautiful music, the movement and the joy. The food, the drink, the chats, the pictures & the anticipation of something..something unusual. The crowds, the energy, the love. And of course, those who make all this possible, friends and family.

Celebrations remind us how connected we are to every one and every thing on this planet, that no matter how much we might envisage of being a loner, an individual person not concerned with anyone, not loving & not loved, we are, at the end of the day, a part of a web, the web of the living.This actually is a great thing, as, to some(like me), it gives hope and happiness. How, you ask me, can celebration be an indicative of closeness & connection to one who doesn't celebrate? Well, because somewhere deep inside the person who doesn't celebrate a particular festival knows, that it is a festival that everyone he has ever known celebrates. Not celebrating it also connects him with people he knows are somewhere celebrating that same holy festival. And then there is that non-celebrators group, where people get together & end up 'celebrating' the fact that they don't celebrate a certain day/festival.

Well I love celebrations, there is exchange of love, opinions, warmth, gifts, sweets, chocolates and just a lot of great energy. In 8/10 cases, you end up making a great friend in random celebrations, like for example, a celebration of not being able to answer a certain question in your exam, :P

Celebrations are certainly not useless, each one has its own significance.

Birthdays are a celebration of life on this planet,
Valentine's day is a celebration of love,
Diwali is a celebration of lights,
Holi is a celebration of colours.
And while fathers' day, mothers' day, children's day, teachers' day & friendship day etc are a celebration of family, friends and all those we love and respect, Music and Dance, an epochal part of celebrations(well maybe not epochal, but yeah, quite an inevitable part of it :P), are a celebration in their own, a celebration of sound and movement.

Maybe everyday is not a celebration, but life is a celebration.
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  1. Well said M7, best amongst all celebrations is the the Celebration of life!

    Re your query that pics at are copyrighted, yes, but not all and if you can grab it, then it's free, provided you give courtesy/credits to the images taken as appearing in your blog... :-)

    Thanks for reading my entry...:-) And I wish you all the best too!

    Good luck and good morning! ;-)

  2. good going! I too say.. everyday is a celebration!

  3. I like that pic...and the post too :-) ATB

  4. celebrations all over...nice post :)

    All the best :)
    Here is my celebration:
    Ms. Meduri- Celebrations

  5. very well said about celebration and all the best for BAT

  6. Various shades of life celebrated with vibrant colours and exuberant feelings. Very true, life is an endless stream of celebrations.All the best.

  7. Meenal,
    I liked it.
    yes we must celebrate life, nice read buddy

  8. Life is indeed a celebration.. and blogging is also a celebration.. so keep blogging :)

  9. ha ha ha vipul... but yes, every smile of every day is a celebration..all the luck for batom!

  10. Okay! So you are making me believe each event is a celebration :)