Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Have No Gold

                    poor indian girl sitting in rubbish tip stock photo

                                                I  get up shivering
                                               I  go to sleep cold.
                                               No energy
                                               I'm starving,
                                               I have no gold.

Winters come, we buy expensive sweaters and blankets, eat at KFC and drink beer. I wish some of us would spend a fraction of that money to get blessings, instead of a big belly, this winter.
I googled this picture you know, and there were so many overwhelming pictures, and it was surprising to see that many of them were for sale. Selling and buying beggars...
Anyway back to the main thing, so if you say you can't find a reason to go spend a little money on the destitute(it's weird, i think the first time ever i paid attention to that word 'destitute' was while reading A Christmas Carol), there are actually many. Let me give you an example.
Say something great happened in your life and you are brimming with joy. Example, you got a job. You thanked practically every one around you. You celebrated with your friends, parents, thanked your teachers and yourself. Still there is gratitude and celebration left inside. Thank these people who could never compete with you for that job. Show gratitude to them, celebrate with them.


In case you don't know how to give a coin is not actually a good way, there are things called NGOs, find a trustworthy one around you.



  1. NGO's can go **** themselves, take a li'l time out, stop by and give your old clothes and torn blankets to them. n jst for GK, ur maids dnt need dat sorta help as much as they do. maids r jst n easy way out to throw out ur old stuff.

  2. yes..dts true..good point!
    n thnx :)

  3. good thought. very genuine post, i must say

  4. NGO'S r nt f mch help dese days..i mean most f dem r busy filling deir own pockets.
    v ol hv experienced dis..on red lights,li'l childrn ask 4 money..while some elders try 2 fake itby sayn dey r sick r smthng.wt cn help z instead f givin money n promotin a thng lyk begging..v cn keep some eatables vd us.
    dis z wat i tell my dad 2 do.

  5. yea... i second nidhi... i mean we always used to keep sum small biscuit packets earlier in car.... and its nyc to c kids tear dat packet ryt away and satisfy their hunger....
    i really wish dat i grow up to help these underprivileged children... :)