Wednesday, November 10, 2010


All that the young people do is possess lots of feelings & emotions and share love, and they are heavily judged for the middle-aged adults. Who? The respectable middle-aged, with the knowledge & experience of the world; the knowledge and experience that makes them a species full of hatred and hypocrisy. And these judgemental double-standard people are to be respected, just out of convention, because they are old..bah! I respect no one till I see him laudable.

Don't believe me that these MAs(middle-aged's) are suckers? Oh btw, i have MA parents too, so please don't start thinking about you parents and get offended, this is a general observation(but believe me, your & my parents may have some of the MA traits too..maybe for good, but they are there.) Well, let me put out a check-list.

1. Either the MAs find the other person's kids better mannered than their own & declare that in front of their little angels(which you know is heart-breaking for those little hearts) Or the MAs think that the person's kids are too crude, and again they blaze that into the world. Whether or not either of these two great thoughts reach the child's fragile ear, whomever they are told to, the tone is amazingly disgusting. And god! they are just kids..don't you have better things to do than judge them?

2. And who are they who get married, have children, and when their children are at such a delicate & crucial stage of life, from where they grow into the adults that they are going to be the rest of their lives, decide that they don't get along well, don't love each other or are just plain bored(super-jerks). So they either fight all day long, all of their days or get divorced; I can't come to a decision as to which one of the two is better.

3. Most teenagers, when have a girlfriend/boyfriend, do not cheat. While our MAs, men & women alike, cheat in a commitment like a marriage.

4. We are very loyal to friends, we start hating a Handsome guy if we learn that he has wronged one of our fellow chicas in the slightest manner. MAs are opportunists, for them, a friend lost(by their acquaintance) is a friend gained(by them). 

5. No matter how bad the situation may be in their own household w.r.t. family values, they won't miss a chance to bitch about the other's and leave him into shreds. I mean the last thing a failed family person wants is to be publicly mocked.

6. Now many MAs might defend themselves by saying that the Young are the Restless, that teenagers are cheap, vulgar & horny. 
  • a child is not born with a vulgar vocabulary, he learns from his adults.
  • cheap behaviour is aped, not invented,
  • teenagers did not make porn films, books & whatever of this sort is available in the market..they are just taking what the MAs are giving.(the producers & publishers are mostly MAs)
I do not judge, behaviour is often an impression of situation, but situations are not always a good excuse of bad behaviour. You might say you are simply returning what you got from the world..but somewhere this cycle of hatred has to stop, Make a change and be a good example to the youth. 


  1. i'm interested in the painting below! :P

  2. o dt one is an abstract sunset that I DID NOT MAKE :(

  3. Quite good Post
    I agree with u with certain points which you've mentioned.
    Some MA really need to grow-up for sure.
    But not all MAs are same !!

    the FACT is 2day's teens n kidults are highly over smart these days. They don't need any MA to give'em such lessons. They find it either GOOGLING or from friends . It's actually depends on their interests whether they like that thing even though it's a SHIT .

  4. yes of course, there's nuthn in this world w/o exceptions, some adults are truly warm and inspirational, and yes, kids nowadays r a li'l it isn't their fault, there is info overload nowadays. :P

  5. and for the googling part = som1 has 2 make it first 2 b put up on google(whether an article or a vid), n that som1 is mostly an adult.

  6. You are exact on behavior influences, coz what these young people get/acquire from outside is from the making of MAs...

    Almost a scholarly post that dealt with real-life situations M7, but mind you I am also an MA but not against this post at all!

    Thank God, I am not having problems like the ones you've mentioned and thank God my teenage kids are not the kind of kids a parent should worry about re: attitude, behavior, etc...

    Thanks for this post dear! May it shed light to other MAs and even teenagers!

  7. @Amity: m really glad it made sense 2 u..i was really hoping some parent/older person reads it...thnx :)